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our main events and master classes

Opening Ceremony

6 april

On April 6th, at Cascais Cultural Centre, we will welcome the Competitors, the Jury Members, the Patrons, the Partners, the Honourable Guests and the Official Institutions that with us, CIVOC, made this dream a reality. We know that this competition will join all the competitors on a common universal value: Music and Opera! 

First Round and Semi-finals

7, 8 April - First Round


10, 11 April - Semi-finals

Candidates admitted to in-person performances will be heard at the Cascais Cultural Centre, in public examination performances, open to all opera lovers.

The best singers will be chosen for the Semi-Finals where, besides two opera arias, also a “lied” or “chanson” is obligatory bringing a new light to the performances

Opera Gala
“Carmen for Berganza”


Cascais Symphony Orchestra

11 april

Teresa Berganza was with Cascais Opera project since the beginning and was an obvious member of the Jury. We spoke often about this magnificent project as we spoke often about her love for Portugal, where she sung being still a student at the Conservatory. And so many times she came to Portugal, for the Opera House (TNSC), for festivals as the Azores or Casa de Mateus and also as soloist with the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra. And always with resounding success! We will remember her outstanding roles in all characters she played, namely the unforgettable Carmen, in a special session at the Casino Estoril, April 11th.
Adriano Jordão

© Bruno Frango



Portuguese Symphony Orchestra

14 april

At the TNSC — Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos the chosen finalists will perform on a stage full of glory, where the spirit of Maria Callas, in a memorable Traviata, is always present! Supported by the OSP and the Opera, the candidates will sing for the “Grand Prix” and other Awards and Prizes in front of an enthusiastic and enlightened audience, dreaming that the dream comes true.

Voice Masterclass

by members of the Jury. Open to students and singers.

9, 12 and 13 april

As the Juri of the International Vocal Competition includes great singers who simultaneously are great pedagogues, Cascais Opera has the opportunity to provide open masterclasses , also open to the candidates.

In parallel to the competition, Vocal masterclasses will take place in April 9, 12 and 13, at Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, expanding in this way the scope of the event.


Acting on Opera Stage Masterclasses

9, 12 and 13 april

After a public presentation of Novi Sad Servian National Theatre with photos, short trailers for the operas, notable soloists, costumes and scenography workshops, Senior Opera Director, Aleksandar Nicolic, will lead a masterclass under the attractive and understandable name: “ACTING THROUGH THE SINGING METHODE”.

The active participants in the masterclass shall propose three arias, of which two will be chosen and one prioritize for the work. In three sessions up to nine participants will be accepted.

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