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We are now preparing a dynamic and thrilling new edition of Cascais Opera. April and May 2025
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APRIL 14th

Symphonic Portuguese
Maestro Tom Woods

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Step into the promising world of opera excellence with our unique lineup of talented contestants.

Cascais Opera

A newcomer to the panoply of international opera competitions, Cascais Opera- International Vocal Competition will hold its first edition from April 6-14, 2024 at the Cultural Centre in Cascais and the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos in Lisbon.

Intended as a showcase for the most promising young talents in opera singing worldwide, Cascais Opera – International Vocal Competition is open to applicants from all countries and voice types, aged 18 to 32.

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Cascais Opera

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Get to know our illustrious panel of Juries. You can learn more about each of them by clicking on the button below.


Find out more about our multiple masterclasses in singing and acting with distinguished members of the Jury and invited artists: Sergei Leiferkus, Aleksandar Nikolić, Anna Samuil and Jorge Balça.

Open to Cascais Opera Candidates as well as singers not participating in the competition and to listeners.

Live Competition

Opera Gala “Carmen for Berganza”

We will remember Teresa Berganza outstanding roles in all characters she played, namely the unforgettable Carmen, in a special session at the Casino Estoril, April 11th.

Voice and Acting Master Class

As the Juri of the International Vocal Competition includes great singers who simultaneously are great pedagogues, Cascais Opera has the opportunity to provide open masterclasses , also open to the candidates.

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Competition Finals

At the TNSC — Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos the chosen finalists will perform on a stage full of glory, where the spirit of Maria Callas, in a memorable Traviata, is always present! 

Visit Cascais

It has probably happened to you: seeing an incredible landscape, taking a photo and realising that the grandiosity of the scenery was impossible to capture.

It’s like trying to describe a strong emotion, but not finding the right words. There is a reason for this: some things are really meant to be experienced. Cascais is one of them.

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Cascais Opera

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Over the past three decades, primarily in London, Portugal and Amsterdam, Dr Jorge Balça
has developed a strong portfolio of work and a unique combination of skillsets – as a stage
director (of theatre, opera, and hybrid forms), a teacher and workshop leader, a presentation
skills, acting and creativity coach, and practice-based researcher. His work in all these
domains is distinguished by his commitment to and skill in making fantasy and invention
emerge from precise knowledge and training – and by his ability to inspire a similar alchemy
in his collaborators.

Classically trained as an actor and countertenor, he studied theatre directing in London and
Moscow, specialising in Shakespeare, techniques of adaptation, Meyerhold and commedia
dell’arte. Jorge also holds a PhD exploring the dramatic training of opera performers.
With a love for site-specific projects and collaborative forms, and an equal flair for comedy
and drama, his work is dramaturgically inventive, visually striking, and physically engaged.
He was the artistic director of Bloomsbury Opera and associate director of The Opera
Makers, both in London. In Portugal, he has recently directed L’Heure Espagnole and The
Turn of the Screw at Centro Cultural de Belém, and Don Giovanni and La Voix Humaine at
Festival de Ópera de Óbidos.

Jorge is committed to his work as a teacher, having taught at the Dutch National Opera
Academy, Morley College London, Universidade de Évora and other institutions. He
maintains an international coaching private practice and is the acting coach at the Neil
Semer Vocal Institute in Italy.

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